4. 9. 2012

Part of me...

Be my heart a well of love
Flowing free so far above

If you trust in yourself
You will live lighthearted
Destiny's calling
Be there to change your fat

I only dream in black and white
I only dream 'cause I'm alive
I only dream in black and white
To save me from myself...
 We were eternal back in those days
But now we are memories
They hide us away
But we were the only ones
Never forget, those fallen heroes
Never again...

Rise to fame — time will come
Make your claim — time has come
For the crow to fly away!

How I miss the sense of sweet emotions
Of a world so pure, devoid of cries
Blind a memory...

You bare our memories like staining scars within your mind
You lose all that you knew of me, gone deep inside
Lost love, my hell...

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